Monday, November 19, 2012

Wednesday 19th November

Today was a terrible day! I don’t know how India hope to survive in a modern business world if the people we met in Delhi (in large offices) were a specimen. Nobody in any of the shipping agencies (and I include Cox and Kings in this) could quote us for shipping the car nor, it seemed, had any ideas or suggestions for getting this information. Ugh.

By lunch I was in a foul mood. We ended up with a lot of Calcutta addresses plus the promise of one quote tomorrow. It seems the best thing will be to fly direct home from Calcutta for an extra $55 each (BOAC at least seem efficient). Called in on Burmah Shell office – introduced myself and were given a map plus tea and biscuits. Very pleasant people – one gave us the route to Calcutta.

Back to the Menon’s exhausted, to another Indian meal and bed. Also did some Xmas shopping in a super handicraft shop off Jan Path – huge place devoted to sensibly [read cheap] priced goods. 

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