Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday 30th November

Picked up early by Mrs Bani Sinha (wife of a great friend of pop-in-law) complete with chauffeur driven car. After a quick drive round town we went to the Victoria Museum. This was very interesting as Bani could describe all aspects of old Calcutta and the part played by many of the “well to do” ancestors.

Then off to meet Mr & Mrs Ghost (Bani sister and brother-in-law) for pre-lunch drinks then onto, would you believe, the Saturday Club for a great lunch and then settled down for a steady afternoon of drinking. 

Ghost, a lawyer, was obviously very wealthy as he had a Mercedes (one of the few we saw in India) and did not let us pay for a thing – great. Bani at last dragged him away from the club to take us sightseeing at night. First down to the river to have a snack and Pepsi and walk along the shore. Then to an art museum, very interesting, then to the old quarter of Calcutta for kebabs – back to Saturday club for final drink before returning to Salvation Army. 

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