Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monday 24th November

Left bungalow at 8.00 and found the horn completely U.S. This means the driving through towns is a bit hair-raising but can be done. At lunch I tried, without success, to fix the horn. On through villages thronged with people, over the Ganges by a high bridge at Allahabad and along the busy Grand Trunk Road to Varanasi. Here we located the tourist Bureau in the Mall, were warned off the nearby “Dak and Tourist” bungalows as being private concerns (no law in pinching names in India!) and given map showing Cart Tourist bungalow. 

Drove there – slowly – after writing to Salvation Army in Calcutta requested double room. Big room and WC and shower for 7/-. Not quite as good as we are used to but still!! Had a long “go” at the hooter and found the fault to be somewhere between the horn button and the horn (i.e. not the horn) so fixed up by-pass wire so horn now works on a switch system. Still this should make for slightly safer driving. Despite rules against it, cooked meal in room and settled down to early night as tomorrow we are off on Cart bus tour starting at 6.10am!! Ugh. 

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