Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Friday 21st November

After a gentle breakfast and “car-pack”, we check the total fare with BOAC for Calcutta Christchurch ($501) and drove to Burmah-Shell office for directions to Darjeeling. This seems along bad roads for most of the way and so we will give it a miss – pity. Filled up with 93 octane (rest 79!!) and set off down the Grand Trunk Road for Agra.

Saw more vultures but no elephants. 

Arrived at Agra around 2.00 and called in at the Tourist Bungalow (5/- for room with WC and shower) but decided to see Inspection Bungalow before deciding. Inspection Bungalows, although better, were full, so we returned to Tourist place and booked in.

There’s a good table etc so A cooked a superb meal of steak and kidney and beans, coffee etc. Quiet evening reading Economist (must keep mind going!) and early to sleep. 

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