Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Friday 14th November

Left Kabul by good road and headed up through the Lataband Pass to the Afghanistan/Pakistan frontier.

 Neither of us were very impressed with Afghanistan. The mental picture of tall white-robed tribesmen just falls flat. 

Pakistan was such a change – everything green. The Kyber Pass was a bit disappointing, not very long or high. We could see the old forts and fortified houses with their metal armoured rifle windows. Took a picture of Jamrad Fort and then passed under the Khyber Gate towards Peshawar. What a pleasant town – wide avenues and green, green grass – very English. All the police waved us on and most finished the wave with a salute. Camped in the grounds of the Tourist Information office. Lovely lawn and guarded by a tall Pakistani complete with gun! Also in the grounds were an elderly South African couple doing a world tour taking two years. Their vehicle was a VW combi – very well equipped and they were loving every minute of their trip. I was not feeling too well so had an early night. 

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