Friday, November 16, 2012

Sunday 16th November

After a leisurely start down a pleasant green lined road over wide rivers to Lahore, this town was not as delightful as the other two – no tree lined wide road and a good bit dirtier. Spoke with the Sundowner’s driver at the Park Hotel (where they were staying) and he suggested that we go to YMCA for cheap digs. Also put us off going to Srinigar because of icy roads (a month earlier it would be okay) but they are going to Kathmandu.

We got a double room at the YMCA for 6½ rupees (at our exchange rate about 5/-). Went for a walk along the “Mall” – had two “bites” by money-changers but none wanted to swap Parks for dollars. Had a bad dinner at the YMCA restaurant and early to bed. 

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