Thursday, November 15, 2012

Saturday 15th November

A pleasant non-rushed start this morning. We drove along “The Mall” and off down the Grand Trunk Road towards Lahore.

We wanted to look up the two students we had met in the cholera camp and so drove to Islamabad. This brand new town is to be the capital of Pakistan. The buildings are well designed and “spanking” clean. Most of the embassies have moved there together with several government offices.

We found the market and sure enough there was one of the Pakistani at his shop – this was full of imported foodstuffs etc (Toblerone 9/6!!). Had some Cokes and was given the name of a money changer in Lahore to get back some dollars on our Pakistani money. We arrived in Rawalpindi (6 miles away) at 2.30 and drove to the tourist office. Yes we could camp at the motel (Catmell’s Hotel). Good grounds and showers! Pitched camp and drove into town.

The bazaar area was deadly to drive in and so not feeling too well we came back to the tent (having chosen the restaurant we shall eat at this evening). The meal was super. We both had Pakistani food – A had mutton curry and I had minced meat and egg curried, plus bread and green tea. What a pleasant change for A not to have to cook and wash up. 

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