Friday, November 23, 2012

Sunday 23rd November

Up early and after a cold shower, packed the car and left for Kanpur. The way out of Agra was a bit muddled due to road construction (with true Indian style, no road signs showing this!!). Once in the Grand Trunk Road average speed could be kept at 30.  Not fast but with bikes every 5 yards and all swerving across the road. The horn is on the blink so a certain degree of care is required.

Had lunch by the roadside and during the afternoon saw two groups (if that’s the word!) of vultures pecking at freshly killed animal. Also saw some stork-like birds with pink tails and herds of camels being moved along the road. Arrived at Kanpur and found the Dak bungalow (the cleanest looking building in town) and moved into “Suite 1”.

A cut my hair again and now I look all smart and clean for parents-in-law!!

On swapping over batteries tonight I discovered the old one had sprung a leak and spilt acid over the floor. Damage was moderate but threw the battery away and washed the floor down with water. Says a lot for the battery that it kept working on two cells!! The main room of our suite is well furnished with two beds, three tables, four chairs, carpet, etc. Good value for about 4/6!!

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