Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thursday 13th November

Set off early, A to the garage to watch car and me to Pakistan Embassy to obtain border pass for P/India border. On way back to garage I exchanged money and got 200 P Rupees and 1900 Indian Rupees (500 DM and $70). Collected car (bill 1000 Afgs) and collected border pass.

Went to Kyber Restaurant and talking to English boy discovered that we had to have a bank receipt to pay for car shipping in Rupees (pity because we got double the value). Exchanged 1300 Rupees into Afgs (for tyres – 2900) and dollars. Two tyres changed and the dealer gave me $5 for old US tyres. Wonder what he was going to sell those for! Cooked meal in room and had early night after exhausting day! Made note not to get job as a currency dealer.

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