Monday, December 3, 2012

Wednesday 3rd December

Off at 10 to the airport – haven’t yet got used to no car yet - we to pay airport taxes of $1 each – ugh!

We got into a Philippine plane to Manila. On arrival we found that we had seven hours to wait before catching the plane to Sydney but surprise Philippine airline whisked us off to the Manila Sheraton (about equivalent to a Hilton) where we were booked into a super suit overlooking Manila Bay and watched the sun set. 

Free dinner in one of the restaurants. Then the provided car to the airport for the night flight to Sydney. The plane (a DC8) was beautifully finished inside, super looking air hostess and has 12 people in it, so we all stretched out over 3 seats for sleeping. 

[Airlines seem to have lost the plot nowadays concerning true customer service]

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