Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thursday 4th December

After a very pleasant night we arrived at Sydney Airport. What a town to fly over – every house seemed to have a swimming pool and the harbour looked beautiful early morning (7 am). On arrival an Australian came into the plane and sprayed the entire inside with an aerosol. Nothing personal we were assured, just to kill overseas bugs.

Annie just began another period of the trots and so the 5 hours spent in Sydney Airport were grim. Nobody seemed well dressed and after buying duty-free booze we thankfully boarded a Qantas Boeing for NZ. 

Great flight and at 3.45 pm we landed at Christchurch. Through Customs – very embarrassing with all our dirty washing – and met in-laws.

Well that’s that, our trip of a lifetime. From near North Pole to near South Pole. The past 3 plus months have been worth all the saving (cost about £1300). At times it has been very miserable but well, well worth it. Neither of us would have missed it for the world. A super way to start a new life down under. 

[That's the end. I have enjoyed copying the diary into this blog - and chuffed that I did not miss a date!! The main thing is that our journey is now recorded in the "clouds". Our children and grandchildren and .... can now have confirmed what they have thought all along.
 The olds do do some strange things]

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